Church Furniture

Welcome to Sharpe’s Seating and Church Furniture. Our specialty is crafting handmade church furniture. We are a leading supplier of church pews and church furniture throughout the South Eastern U.S. Proud to be family owned and operated. Woodworking is a passion here at our company, and we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality furniture available. Our product lines include a wide variety of items. See a few of the things we do well here.


Church Furniture

    • New & Used Church Pews
    • Handmade Pulpit Furniture
    • Custom Church Furniture
  • Pew Reupholstery & Repairs
  • Church Pew Cushions
  • Theater & Auditorium Seating for Churches
  • Custom Pulpits
  • Custom made Pews & Benches
  • Pew Refinishing
  • Church Carpet
  • Steeples & Baptisteries

What We Do

Work side by side with you or your design professionals is a top priority. We welcome the opportunity to work with all church contractors or architects. Identifying the project requirements and providing all samples and pricing is where we start the process. Our intentions are to provide the product and a service who’s value far exceeds its costs.

  • Measuring pews for pricing purposes
  • Show Samples
  • CAD Drawings and Seating Layouts
  • Budgeting and Value Engineering

Why Choose Us

Simply put – Our Passion for Excellence. This transmutes into excellent products, and services for you and your members. Not only will our work be top notch, but we do fabulous job staying on top of things. This translates into a job well done, and a church family that is well pleased. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.




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