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Church Pew Refinishing

Church Pew RefinishingSelect your preferred Church Pew Refinishing Option:

  • Refinishing is often 1/2 the cost of purchasing new church pews of equal quality.
  • Restoring the hidden beauty of your church furniture is our specialty.
  • We offer On-Site Refurbishing to save you Money and Time.

Full Pew Refinishing and Restorations

This process begins by removing your existing pews, transporting to our facility, then completely refinishing them. All furniture is accessed for damages, inspected for future trouble areas, and noted before transportation starts. Your pews are all labeled by color and number to ensure a flawless re-installation process. Our factory crewman are trained experts in preserving and restoring church pews. Once benches arrive on site, we begin by stripping. In order to remove all existing stains and finishes, a two step process is needed. First we sand all exposed wood areas to pre-clean the surfaces, then, a chemical may be applied to finalize the procedure. Once all pews are down to bare wood they undergo any repairs if necessary. The outcome and quality of any church pew refinishing project is predicated on the materials. Once pews are ready, a top grade wood stain, sanding sealer and finishing lacquer is used to restore and preserve the inherent beauty of your original church pews. Reinstallation of your furniture is scheduled and completed in a timely manner. This process usually starts off around $38 per foot. Depending on your pews and their condition, can be much higher or lower.

On-Site Church Pew Refinishing and Pew Refurbishing Services-

In some cases your furniture will not need to be removed to achieve the desired outcome. We often find that many church pews can be refurbished cost effectively at your church with many added benefits. This process involves working on your pews while they remain in place at your sanctuary. We use a light refinishing process that adds lots of luster, color and shine to your furniture for a small fraction of the cost of new pews, and refinishing. Give us a call today to schedule a Free demonstration at No Obligation. Our woodworking skills have been developed over the several decades of experience. We have a passion for our work, and take great pride in producing only the top results for our church clients. See more