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Church Pews

Our pews are built to last a lifetime. Sharpe’s Seating is the manufacturer’s representative for Imperial Woodworks, Inc. Combining the highest quality materials with old world craftsmanship, our furniture parts are among the finest made in the United States. We utilize the strength and stability of the finest grade Appalachian Red Oak to produce top choice church pews and furniture. No particleboard or poor quality materials are used in any of our benches. Finished products are free of all imperfections and defects. From start to finish our pews are engineered to provide you with long lasting beauty and comfort. There truly is nothing on the market that sits as nicely as ours. Our models come in a wide variety of options and styles. Most of our customers enjoy the comfort and quality of our “Original Spring Seats”. Solid wood has been used for hundreds of years to create quality church furniture. We take it a step further by combining the principles of engineering to our furniture manufacturing process. In addition to our handcrafted church pews, we offer a complementary line of Church Chairs and Theater Seating. Most pew and furniture orders are delivered, and installed within 90 days. Customer service is the heartbeat of our business. Our local representatives are here to help. Contact us today to speak with a rep. We offer services to the entire U.S.

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Traditional Pews
Colonial Church Pews
Church Pew Replication

Church Pew Carvings


A variety of standard carving designs can be routed into your pews to produce many different styles of furniture. Additionally, our pew carvings can be customized to fit the needs of any church. Custom work is available at your request.


Traditional Pew Ends

A complete offering of fully customizable, traditional end designs. You can choose from one of our standard designs, add one of our carvings to compliment the church architecture, or design your own. These pew ends are manufactured in Red Oak because of its strength, durability, and beauty. Also offered in solid maple, cherry, mahogany, and walnut.

Cantilever Pew Ends

A contemporary alternative to the traditional pew end. These ends are beautifully designed to meet the needs of any church looking for a contemporary sanctuary style.

Colonial Pew Ends

Two toned is a classic look that never goes out of style. The timeless white and wood combination creates a rich and unique look that translates well with all audiences. Our colonial pew ends are extremely durable due to our best in class finish system. Our white pew ends are not affected by crayons and shoe scuffing like most colonial church pews.

Standard Edge Molds

Pew Bodies

Solid Wood Pews
Padded Pews

Fully padded pews, solid wood, or a combination – all are offered here.

The comfort of an upholstered church pew is unparalleled. Our padded benches are made different types of pew foam to create the perfect balance between comfort and longevity. Over 4” of total thickness, combined by a blend of high and low density, virgin polyurethane foams. Trust that our seats will feel great and last much longer than the industries standard.

Solid wood pews content – Made from finest grade Appalachian Red Oak’s, solid wood furniture is built to last. Using tried and true methods to produce the highest quality pews in America. Imperial Woodworks still practices the old world construction principles that time has proven to be superior. Such as hand wiping our penetrating stains into the grain of the wood. This is a very important step in creating the beautiful grain appearance in a solid wood church pew.


Quality is the term that Best defines us. 

beautiful church pews

Top quality furniture is the only thing that leaves our factory. The difference between good pews and cheap pews begins with the way they’re made. The way we make ours reflects the old world values. Handcrafted top choice red oak is used in the First and Select grades only. Ensuring a beautiful grain rich, consistent color goes on true throughout every piece of wood on your new pews. This alone is a practice that most church furniture manufacturers no longer do. After your fine hardwood is kiln dried, and the proper moisture level is acquired, we move along to partner similar grains of wood. Among the many extra measures we take to ensure you receive the highest quality church pew in America are :

  • Finest Hardwoods
  • Screw and Glue Construction
  • Deep Penetrating Staining Techniques
  • AWI Quality Member & Certified Finishing
  • Muti-Density Foam Seats
  • Radius Curved Pews
  • Best in Class Designs
  • Second to Non Service Guaranteed


Church Pew Buying Process

Initially, things start with a meeting at your church to talk about your vision and expectations. We can gather the necessary information such as : current pew measurements, building dimensions, and design/style preferences. In order to replace your existing church pews with new ones to fit exactly the same. If your desire is to change or tweak the layout of your current configuration, then building measurements are acquired and a scaled CAD drawing will give us the ability to show you new design ideas. Along with this, comes the ability to rotate the pews, slant them, adjust for handicap access, or do redesign for radius curved pew configurations.

Furniture Pricing & Budgeting

Once the designs, and measurements are all squared away, we can begin to work on the dollar amounts. A church pews costs typically varies depending on the size and style of the pew. We have dozens of styles and church pews can be any size.

Warranty Information

We proudly offer a written 25 year warranty on all of our new church pews. This warranty extends to cover all craftsmanship. But we know your not gonna need it.