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Church Pulpits

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Two Toned Church Pulpits

8302 Radius Pulpit
Two Toned Church Pulpits
8201W Pulpit
Two Toned Church Pulpits
TSP 620
Two Toned Church Pulpits
Two Toned Church Pulpits
8401 Two Toned

Wooden Church Pulpits

wooden church pulpits
8201 Stained
wooden church pulpits
8301 Stained
wooden church pulpits
Top -120 Stained
wooden church pulpits
TSP 180 Pulpit
wooden church pulpits
900 – All Wood
wooden church pulpits
400 Winged Pulpit
wooden church pulpits
5402 Pedestal Pulpit

Church Pulpits are Handmade from our Family to Yours.

Sharpe’s Seating offers a wide range of church pulpits to meet the needs of nearly all congregations. Our customers can choose from single pulpits that are only 29″ wide and are easier to move around, and we also offer wider designs, with detailed moldings and carvings, that can be matched to your other chancel furnishings. Church pulpits are made of the finest quality red oak. We use the finest materials to handcraft your churches pulpit furniture. Blending our passion for building quality church furniture with the science and art of woodworking. Creates an element that cannot be matched by another company. Our church pulpits are at the center of your worship space. They require special attention and skill to craft. Our woodmen work with your furniture starting from raw lumber till the product is finalized. Special attention to detail goes into every single pulpit we send out of our shop. Nothing compares to the real wood beauty and classiness of our designs.

Custom Church Pulpits 

The passion we dedicate to satisfying our customers with real top notch woodworking – definitely shines through into our church pulpits. All lecterns and pulpits can be manufactured with your personal choice of wood specie. The standard is Red Oak. Utilizing the durable wood and vivid grain patterns of the oak tree is a great choice for most. Offering a number of different church furniture styles, we also work with custom church pulpit designs. From your imagination to reality we can work with you to create the wooden embodiment of your vision. Have your design professional contact us to begin working on your dream piece if you cannot find what you are looking for in our standard church pulpit designs. Intricate carvings add to the natural beauty and style of your wooden center pieces. Here at Sharpe’s Seating our passion is creating furniture that transcends generations.